Ambient ACN-TL Tiny Lockit


Ambient ACN-TL tiny lockit with dual timecode output and integrated ACN transceiver

£535.00 (incl. VAT £642.00)

  • For about 20 years, the Ambient Lockit has been the market leading portable, timecode and sync generator worldwide. Like all Lockit devices, the ACN-TL is based around a highly accurate, tunable, temperature compensated crystal for reliable synchronization of multiple devices without cables or fragile wireless transmission.
  • The new ACN network-generation adds even more accuracy and comfort to the system, while maintaining the renowned reliability.
  • Except for the sync signal output, the Tiny Lockit comprises the full functionality of the Lockit, including ACN support, auto tuning, wireless jam syncing, as well as metadata transfer and logging.
  • The ACN-TL also can be used as fully-functional, generator-buffered timecode transceiver.
  • This provides the stability of an Ambient Lockit generator with the flexibility of a wireless TC system but without the fear of dropouts. In addition, it also offers a variable timecode output level for recording TC on audio tracks. Due to its smaller form factor, the ACN-TL is especially suitable for applications on small cameras and in setups where a sync signal is not required. With it's machined, pearl blasted and anodized aluminum body, the Tiny Lockit can easily withstand the roughest production conditions.



  • The integrated transceiver and the 2nd Lemo socket can be used to interface with the ACN system via USB, RS232, or GP-I/O. It also allows the ACN-TL to work as a fully functional, generator buffered wireless timecode transceiver. Since firmware version 3.1 the new c-jam mode does not stop after the first jam.
  • It will resend smaller timestamps every 4 seconds.
  • All receiving units now compare their internal generated timecode with the highly accurate timestamp and pull up or down the generator speed until they are perfectly matched.
  • This way a drift between all ACN devices on set can be avoided completely.
  • When used in a network with a Master Lockit, all ACN-TL units and other ACN Lockits can be displayed, named and remote controlled via the Master Lockit web interface.
  • Plugged in into a computer, the Tiny Lockit transforms into a highly accurate midi-timecode interface with LTC/midi-timecode conversion.
  • This enables ACN-TL to sync multiple cameras with a Pro Tools workstation.
  • This is made possible by the ACN-TL's flexible, fully programmable FPGA architecture.
  • A front loaded OLED display will give instant visual feedback about the current configuration and assist while moving through the menu to make adjustments.
  • This is now done on the fly with an easy to operate one-finger navigation system - no more need for screwdrivers or powercycling the unit.
  • The LockitScript app elegantly accommodates all the daily needs within the demanding role of a script-supervisor.
  • This comprehensive and time-saving tool helps fighting paperwork, duplicate listing and overtime after wrap.
  • Both the ACN time code devices and the LockitNetwork apps are excellent stand-alone tools. Once used together, you can experience the beauty of two worlds working smoothly together.
  • That's why Ambient decided to include a free-of-charge LockitScript app license activated-upon-registration with all ACN Lockit devices (blue).
  • Highly accurate timecode generator
  • Generator buffered timecode transceiver
  • Drift of less than 1 frame a day (~0,1ppm)
  • Supports all used frame rates
  • OLED display readable even in brightest sunlight
  • Adjustable timecode output level for recording TC on audio track
  • Conversion between LTC and MTC (via USB)
  • Built-in antenna with integrated transceiver to interface with the Ambient Clockit Network system (ACN)
  • RS232, USB and GP-I/O port
  • Works 12 hours on 2x AAA batteries
  • 2x AAA internal battery, external 5 18V DC through Lemo 5p or 5V through USB
  • Robust machined and anodized aluminum body
  • Dimensions 71.5 x 56 x 20 mm
  • Weight 118g