Audio Wireless DADM226 Distribution Module

Audio Wireless

DADM226 is a custom design which offers the solution to antenna and power distribution requirements for portable sound bags.

£775.00 (incl. VAT £930.00)

  • A unique custom design, Antenna and Power Distribution system offers excellent rejection for interference free operation feeding up to six Diversity Receivers.
  • User adjustable settings can be controlled via the intuitive OLED display menu to power remote antenna amplifiers, to turn each receiver ON/OFF and to turn Hirose dc output volts within the frequency range from 470 – 865MHz
  • The DADM226 is fitted with 2 x BNC as Antenna inputs and 2 x 6 SMA Antenna output connectors with switchable Remote Antenna Powering.
  • The three switchable DC Hirose power sockets supply dc power to sound bag or sound cart equipments.
  • DADM226 is a CNC machined aluminium box to withstand daily location work, finished in black anodising with clearly laser marked legends for long term readability.