Audio Wireless AWP48 In-Line Power Supply

Audio Wireless

AW-P48 in-line power supply is custom designed to eliminate conventional powering of condenser boom microphones.

£320.00 (incl. VAT £384.00)

  • The design is in a light but robust aluminium machined cylinder with integrated battery compartment and uses an internal single AA battery to generate regulated 48Vdc at up to 10mA required by the Microphone.


  • The AW-P48 in-line adaptor is terminated by XLR female connector (at the input) and the output can be terminated to suit any wireless transmitter.


Available with:

  • Mini 3-pin Lemo,
  • Small 6-pin Lemo,
  • Large 6-pin Lemo,
  • 5-pin mini XLR,
  • 3-pin mini,
  • Standard XLR Male connectors.


Product Features:

  • Ideal for wireless boom work
  • Delivers a true 48V from one AA battery
  • Uses high quality input transformer
  • Integrated ON/OFF switch with Low Battery LED Indicator
  • Robust, light-weight aluminium machined tube with integrated battery compartment
  • Suitable with any wireless transmitters