Avington Caddy Zax Thin


This is a V-Lock radio receiver holder, or caddy, designed to hold Zaxcom radio receivers.

Including: RX200 on the back of any camera with a V-Lock battery plate.

£334.00 (incl. VAT £400.80)

  • This fits the Zaxcom RX200
  • These are the thinner, narrower size Zaxcoms.
  • Units like the QRX200 won't fit this Caddy, there's a thick version available.
  • The V-Lock sandwiches between battery and camera on any 12V (nominally) V-Lock plate.
  • Power is delivered to the receiver via internal locking cable, this switches on and off automatically as the camera does to avoid needlessly draining batteries.
  • There are additional power outputs on the right hand side away from the camera operator's head providing D-Tap and Hirose power connectors, the Hirose connectors are automatically switched along with the receiver.
  • The whole unit is a rugged design milled from solid aluminium and bespoke plastic components.
  • Hawk Woods 'Real Power' 24V (or 26V) batteries look like they might fit on a normal V-Lock but I assure you they won't.



  • The Caddy has and auto on feature, and so also an auto off feature.
  • If you put your RX into the Caddy and attach a battery the auto off function will be activated because the camera is not on.
  • If you then attach a camera, or any other load, to the other side of the V-Lock and turn that on, the RX will come on.