Betso Bowtie Wideband Omnidirectional Antenna


The BOWTIE is a compact wideband antenna which has been designed for use on a sound bag. It's bandwidth 470-700 MHz, omnidirectional polar pattern (in a horizontal plane) and inbuilt 700 MHz low pass filter deliver flawless performance in a today's disturbed RF environment.

£132.50 (incl. VAT £159.00)

  • Rock solid and IP65 sealed mechanical construction guarantees careless functionality both in indoor and outdoor locations. Every BOWTIE is delivered as a complete package including also special bag holder, short BNC-BNC and BNC-SMA(RA) cable.


    Main features

    Wideband operation

    Wideband operation 470-700 MHz

    Standard whip antennas are tuned in to relatively narrow band and users need to change antenna according to actual working bandwidth of their wireless system to achieve good reception.

    The BOWTIE antenna structure brings working bandwidth 470-700 MHz,
    so you can be always sure your antenna is receiving as many signal as possible and you can take care of other things when shooting.

    Inbult 700 MHz low pass filter

    Inbuilt 700 MHz low pass filter

    Today's RF spectrum is full of signals which can cause intermodulation and decrease range of your wireless system. These signals can be LTE - high speed mobile internet (now starts to occupy spectrum above 700 MHz), then 3G, GSM, bluetooth and WiFi to name a few.

    BOWTIE has an inbuilt 700 MHz low pass filter which can effective remove these signals before first active parts in the receiver.

    BOWTIE accessories

    Accessories included in the price

    With BOWTIE users can be sure, that all accessories they need for work are included in the price and package.

    Accessories included:
    1pc antenna holder, 1pc BNC-BNC and 1pc BNC-SMA(RA) 30 cm long cables for connecting antenna to the receiver or multicoupler.

    BETSO antenna holder

    Unique antenna holder (included)

    Very important aspect of bag antenna is it's ability to be mounted on a sound bag. Not only to one special bag but to almost every bag on the market.

    BETSO ANTENNA HOLDER fulfill all requirements of users - is compatible with all bags on the market (especially with the ones with a solid frame like ORCA or K-TEK), is fully adjustable, foldable and rock solid.

    Build quality

    Top build quality

    Lightenned antenna structure is made of glass-reinforced epoxy laminate covered by scratch resistant structured paint. Precise sealing of all mechanical parts ensures great dust and water resistant performance (IP65 rating).

    Technical specifications

    Antenna type Passive
    Frequency range 470 MHz to 700 MHz
    Inbuilt filter low pass 700 MHz
    Antenna structure gain 1.8 dBi (@ 600 MHz)
    Antenna directivity as a dipole
    Antenna polarization Linear
    Antenna VSWR Excellent < 1.2 (@ 600 MHz)
    Mechanic construction CNC milled, anodized aluminium alloy and glass-reinforced epoxy laminate
    Mounting 1/4" thread
    Dimensions (h x w x d) 170 x 111 x 14 mm (6.7" x 4.4" x 0.55")
    Weight approx. 76 g (0.2 lb.) without holder and cable