Bubblebee The Piece A Fur

Bubblebee Industries

Cut into pieces to make your own wind protection.
Eliminate clothing noises by cutting and placing under the clothes.
Remarkably reduced noise when rubbed against clothing etc.

£31.00 (incl. VAT £37.20)


  • The high quality imitation fur is thick, soft and durable, made for sound with a porous back material to allow sound frequencies through and dense, soft fur to deaden friction and reduce wind noise.
  • This combination of an open base material and dense, high-quality fur sets the Piece-A-Fur apart as a top-quality versatile material that can help improve your mounts and recordings greatly, helping you eliminate wind and friction noise to a high degree.

  • The Piece-A-Fur gives you the opportunity to play with a piece of our specially produced wind protection faux-fur yourself.
  • You simply cut out the Piece-a-Fur in the desired size and shape and use it when mounting a Microphone.
  • The Piece-a-Fur comes in the following six colors:
    Gray, Black, Brown, White, Off-White and Beige and will partner up perfectly with our Invisible Lav Tape.
  • Dimensions 36 cm x 11 cm (14.1” x 4.3”).