Bubblebee The Spacer Bubble

Bubblebee Industries

Available in seven different sizes, the Spacer Bubble has been designed to give protection from wind noise indoors or outdoors in light or low wind conditions. For medium wind conditions a ‘slip-on’ short-haired fur can quickly be attached. The short-haired fur cover is quickly dried if wet and can be stored in the included mesh storage bag.

£118.00 (incl. VAT £141.60)


The windshield has a base material made from coarse foam and mesh which is attached to a rubber base. 

The Bubblebee Spacer Bubble is a three-piece wind protection solution for both camera operators and sound mixers – and everyone in between. It comes in 5 sizes and is designed as a modular solution because this allows for quick transfer between indoor and outdoor situations.

The Spacer Bubble windshield has three parts:

  • Moulded rubber mount
  • Mesh foam base
  • Fur slip-on sleeve

The ingenious shotgun microphone windshield is constructed of a noise-free mesh base, with a coarse foam inside and our specially designed rubber mount at the bottom. The combination of the foam and the mesh means you get the perfect conditions for recording indoors, while if you suddenly have to act fast and move to outside situations, the addition of the short-haired fur slip-on (included) gives you perfect transparency within seconds. 

Spacer Bubble Features:

  • Specially designed rubber base for super easy and secure mounting
  • Base windshield made from highly efficient mesh
  • Slip-on fur is made from Bubblebee Industries’ best imitation fur for excellent frequency transparency
  • Save time while getting the best results
  • High concentration of hair on the short-haired slip-on fur delivers better frequency response
  • Keep all components together with the included mesh storage bag
  • If the fur gets wet simply place it in the storage bag to dry off
  • Designed in Denmark by sound lovers, for sound lovers