Ambient Nano Lockit Double Pack


The small, wireless and easy-to-use timecode generator.

£435.00 (incl. VAT £522.00)

  • For 25 years, the Ambient Lockit is the market leading portable, timecode and sync generator worldwide. The NanoLockit is the latest and smallest member of the Lockit Family.
  • The NanoLockit is designed to be the most intuitive, reliable, and easy-to-use timecode generator for all applications.
  • Additionally, the unit features everything you need for high-end feature film and serial drama production while it is fully compatible with the market-leading ACN Lockit timecode system.


What is inside..

  • 2x NanoLockit (ACN-NL)
  • 2x Cable (TC-IO-35RA )
  • 2x Quick Start Guide (englisch)
  • 2x Antenna caps (NL-AntK)
  • 2x Lanyard (NL-UHB)
  • 4x Reclosable fasteners (NL-DL)