DPA 5100 Mobile Surround Microphone


- Plug-and-play solution
- Lightweight and portable
- Rich, smooth and fully enveloping sound
- Discrete 5.1 analog output – no processing needed

£2,250.00 (incl. VAT £2,700.00)

  • The d:mension™ 5100 Mobile Surround Microphone is compact and easy to use.
  • The Microphone combines stunning sound quality with a plug-and-play solution. It brings engaging surround ambience to sports events, documentaries and other HDTV productions.
  • The Microphone requires no external signal processing.
  • This Microphone is versatile.
  • You can mount it in many ways: on a camera, Microphone stand, suspended from the ceiling or via a handgrip.
  • It is lightweight and portable.
  • It can also withstand inclement weather conditions due to its robust nature.
  • The d:mension™ 5100 Mobile Surround Microphone is a completely self-contained plug-and-play solution for 5.1 audio capture.
  • It uses five miniature pressure transducers.
  • These transducers have low sensitivity to wind and mechanical noise, low distortion and low-frequency response.
  • They also have a large dynamic range.
  • Appropriate channel separation and directionality is achieved by combining the use of DPA Microhponerophones’ proprietary Directional Pressure Microhponerophone (DiPMicrohpone) technology with the use of acoustic baffles.
  • DiPMicrohpone mounts interference tubes on the L/C/R omnidirectional capsules.
  • Acoustic baffles preserve the accuracy of levels between the discrete analogue output channels.
  • The three front Microphones in this system are time-aligned to eliminate comb filtering.
  • This also ensures frequency consistency when downmixing to stereo or mono.
  • In contrast, the rear Microphones, with standard omnidirectional patterns, are optimally spaced from both each other and the front array to simulate the most natural time arrival differences.
  • The LFE (0.1) channel is comprised of an L/R sum, which is then attenuated 10 dB in comparison with the signal from the main channels.
  • This is in accordance with the 5.1 format.
  • The d:mension™ 5100 Mobile Surround Microphone provides a surrounding atmosphere that is rich, smooth and enveloping.
  • It is great in its coherence, channel separation and localization accuracy.
  • The 5.1 output of the Microphone runs through a multipin Lemo connector.
  • This connector carries all six electronically-balanced channels.
  • The Microphone comes with a five-meter (16 ft), six-pair Mogami that cable breaks out to six Neutrik XLR-M connectors.
  • “As expected with DPA, the 5100 offers one smooth, silky-sounding array that can handle anything you put in front of it. [...] Whether indoors or out, rain or shine, songbirds or opera stars – you can capture it all with the 5100.” – Joe Hannigan, MixOnline



  • Plug-and-play solution
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Rich, smooth and fully enveloping sound
  • Discrete 5.1 analogue output – no processing needed


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