Hawkwoods NP-2C NP1 - 2 Channel Li-Ion charger - Simultaneous


- Simultaneous charger
- 2-channel
- 2Ah charge
- Lithium-Ion Charger

£165.00 (incl. VAT £198.00)

Hawkwoods have given the existing MR2 (NP1)charger a brand new makeover due to a fresh modern design to a charger that has been largely cumbersome for the last two decades.

Offering 2-channels this dual NP1 Lithium-Ion charger provides users with a more compact, sturdy solution for charging two NP1 batteries simultaneously. 

The NP-2C has also been fitted with rubber feet for non-slip on smooth surfaces. 

Please Note:
The NP-2C charger does not charge Ni-Cad batteries like our SNP-29 Ni-Cad battery.