Hawkwoods NP-50 50Wh Lithium-Ion Battery


- Stubby Half Sized NP1 Battery
- 14.4V / 50Wh

£82.50 (incl. VAT £99.00)

The NP-50 is a unique new Lithium-Ion stubby NP1 Battery. It measures approximately half the height of an industry standard NP1 battery, providing sound recordists with a lightweight, space-saving solution with plenty of capacity at 50Wh.
Producing 50Wh, this stubby battery is a great alternative to using our regular sized NP-65.With identical width and depth dimensions, the NP-50 provides the same compatibility as our NP-65 / NP-75 batteries.

The stubby NP-50 and the still standing NP-35 are both compatible with our NP1 chargers SL-1 and NP-ATM4