Hawkwoods VL-RM6P V-Lok Dual Radio Mic Holder - 25 way - Wisycom


- Power-Con 35w/12v Regulated
- Hirose 12v Regulated
- Dual Channel Radio Mic
- 25 way D-Connector

£280.00 (incl. VAT £336.00)

The VL-RM6P has been designed to fit directly between the V-Lok battery and any compatible Sony camera or camcorder fitted with the Hawk-Woods' V-Lok or Sony V-Mount.

This fitting allows up to two radios to be powered directly from the camera's battery, thus removing the need to use additional power-audio cables.

Used to power Wisycoms when used with the 25 way D-Connector.

This unit is 12v regulated throughout.
Note: Please be aware when powering further accessories from the D-Tap power output such as an LED instrument RF Emissions may be induced on to the positive battery line which can cause audio hum. This is commonly known as an "earth loop" and is caused by noise radiation emitted from certain accessories when powered by a common battery.