K-Tek KSLP1 Stingray Lav Pouch Set of 3


Single-hand operated, self-closing Lavalier pouches with a see-through back and dedicated label area.
Designed for lavalier microphones also perfect for small items like adapters and accessories.

£18.00 (incl. VAT £21.60)

  • Designed specifically for lavalier Microhponerophones, the Stingray Lav Pouch is inspired by real world use of lavaliers. 
  • Single-hand operation offers the user to hold the coiled lavalier Microhpone in one hand while opening and closing the Lav Pouch with the other. 
  • The Pouch closes when released and offer light pressure on the lav Microhpone to ensure the coil isn’t lost. See-through back makes identification easy and an additional label area can be used to label the pouch and lavalier with make/model or talent name. 
  • The Stingray Lav Pouch is a perfect companion to the Medium Gizmo Bag (KGBM1) where multiple pouch can be lined up like in a flip book and the label field on the top makes pulling the correct lav fast and easy. 
  • Designed for lavalier Microhponerophones also perfect for small items like adapters and accessories.
  • The label field can be wiped with alcohol and nail polish remover (please never use pure acetone). 


Dimensions and Weights:

  • Exterior Dimension (width x depth x height): 3 x 3.6 inch (7.6 x 9.1 cm (w x h))
  • Product Weight: 0.5 oz (13 g)