Lectrosonics Duet M2T Dual Stereo Rack IEM IFB Transmitter


IEM (Wireless Monitor) with digital RF transmission. 24-bit digital audio. 2 independent stereo audio transmissions per 1/2 RV enclosure. USB port for firmware updates. IR (infrared) port for fast setup. Up to 50 mW per Rf carrier. Solid machined aluminum housing. (Compatible with Wireless Designer Software).

£2,100.00 (incl. VAT £2,520.00)


  • 24-bit digital audio
  • 2 independent stereo audio transmissions per 1/2 RV enclosure
  • USB port for firmware updates
  • IR (infrared) port for fast setup
  • Up to 50 mW per Rf carrier
  • Solid machined aluminum housing
  • Compatible with Wireless Designer Software


The M2T boasts a USB port for firmware updates and an IR port for fast setup. A large, high resolution, backlit LCD and large membrane switches provide an intuitive interface that is highly visible in daylight or dimly lit conditions.

The half-rack transmitter provides four analog audio inputs. The input connectors are full size XLR/TRS combo types for balanced line level analog signals. Input preamp circuits use a special balanced amplifier with very high common mode rejection to minimize hum and noise. Analog signals are converted to an internal 24-bit digital format which is then encoded, organized into packets, and passed to an RF modulator. The modulated RF signal is filtered before and after amplification to suppress out-of-band noise and spurious signals.

Conventional in-ear wireless monitor systems rely on decades-old technology: FM transmission with multiplexed, companded audio. The M2T Transmitter employs unique technology to provide ruler-flat frequency response from 20 Hz to 15 kHz and maximum channel separation. In addition, the digital audio eliminates a compandor and the associated artifacts. The result is crystal clear sound, rock solid stereo imaging, and extremely low distortion of <0.05%.

The M2T is designed and developed with the professional touring, installation, theater and broadcast customers in mind. The transmitter chassis is all-metal. The front panel is an aluminum extrusion with a durable powder coat finish.

The M2T half-rack transmitter features transmission power of up to 50 mW for extended operating range. Locking XLR connectors facilitate up to four channels of analog audio sources to be applied to the transmitter. A large, high resolution, backlit LCD and large membrane switches provide an intuitive interface.

Firmware updates are made via the USB port on the front panel of the housing. The procedure is very simple using a menu item on the transmitter and a standard micro USB cable connected to a PC.

Setup and adjustment are enabled through a backlit LCD, membrane switches and an intuitive menu structure. Input gain is adjustable over a wide range in 1 dB steps to optimize modulation and limiting for maximum signal to noise ratio and minimum distortion.