Lectrosonics SMDB/E01 Transmitter


Dual Battery UHF Belt Pack Transmitter.

£1,175.00 (incl. VAT £1,410.00)



  • Digital Hybrid Wireless™ Technology* (U.S. Patent #7,225,135)
  • Power output: SMDB: 50mW
  • Membrane switch control panel with LCD display
  • 256 synthesized UHF frequencies
  • Wide input dynamic range DSP based pilot-tone signal
  • Circulator/Isolator output stage Splash-proof, machined aluminium housing
  • Non-corrosive, super-hard finish


  • The input section features the unique servo bias input circuitry with a standard TA5M type jack for use with electret lavaliere microphones, dynamic microphones, or line level signals.
  • A DSP-controlled analogue audio limiter is employed before the A-D converter.
  • The limiter has a range of more than 30 dB for excellent overload protection and a dual release envelope that makes the limiter acoustically transparent while maintaining low distortion.
  • The limiter recovers quickly from brief transients, with no audible side effects, and also recovers slowly from sustained high levels to keep audio distortion low while preserving short term dynamics.
  • *Digital Hybrid Wireless™ is a revolutionary new design that combines 24-bit digital audio with an analogue FM radio link to provide outstanding audio quality and the extended operating range of the best analogue wireless systems.
  • The design overcomes channel noise in a dramatically new way, digitally encoding the audio bitstream in the transmitter and decoding it in the receiver, yet sending the encoded information via an analogue FM wireless link.
  • This proprietary DSP algorithm eliminates a compandor circuit and its artefacts and preserves the RF spectral footprint of analogue FM designs to simplify multi-channel coordination with existing analogue wireless systems.



  • 2 - AA Lithium Batteries
  • 1 - Foam Insulating Pads (Part #35923)
  • 1 - Pouch (Part #35697)
  • 1 - Microphone Connector Kit (Part #SMKITTA5)
  • 1 - Belt Clip (Part #SMBCUPSL)
  • 1 - Quick Start Guide