Peter Engh Omnigoose Microphone

Peter Engh

The Peter Engh Omnigoose Microphone is a 6" modified Shure Microflex gooseneck microphone.

£260.00 (incl. VAT £312.00)

Plugs directly into a Lectrosonics transmitter and can be used in various stealth applications for capturing audio, such as in vehicles, courtrooms, press conferences, on podiums, and more.


Featuring a TA5F lavalier type connector, the Omnigoose microphone will work only with Lectrosonics UHF or VHF beltpack transmitters. It is compatible with Servo-Bias inputs on SM, SMa, UMa, and LMa transmitters. The microphone's omnidirectional pickup pattern has long reach, and linear, off-axis clarity. It includes two windscreens and a carry pouch.

Unobtrusive mini gooseneck omni microphone with TA5F connector that plugs directly into a Lectrosonics transmitter
Mic is powered by the bias voltage of the Lectro transmitter, just like a lavalier
Suitable for dialog pickup in vehicle shots
Good off-axis response, handles head turns away from the mic with a linear response
For Lectrosonics Servo-Bias transmitter inputs
Can be hidden up in the vehicle visor or gaffed to the dashboard with ease
Made in the USA