RF Venue

£330.00 (incl. VAT £396.00)

Passive wideband 470-698Mhz UHF design with diversity operation but using 2 coax cables available as a Pinknoise custom cable solution, you only need 1 antenna for full diversity operation. A big cost saving over traditional shark fin set ups. No gain on these but very reliable operation, only one antenna needed in a diversity set up.

The Diversity Fin Antenna is the flagship RF Venue wireless microphone antenna; it’s portable, simple to operate, and capable of pushing diversity microphone systems to the limits of their performance while excelling in tough RF environments. 

The Diversity Fin reduces microphone drop-outs and interference in a novel and remarkably simple way; instead of using two antennas of the same orientation spaced a distance apart, as with standard whip or paired LPDA “shark fin” antennas, it includes one element that captures vertically polarized waves, and another that captures horizontally polarized waves.  To use, just connect both the A and B ports on any antenna distributor or wireless microphone receiver and point toward the stage.  The result is an antenna that dramatically improves diversity system performance in the space of only one LPDA.