Smyles Comm-biner


Stereo audio interface for monitoring Production and Walkie-Talkie audio over headphones

£195.00 (incl. VAT £234.00)

Smyles Comm-biner

The Smyles Comm-biner is a quality stereo audio interface that combines production audio and walkie-talkie audio so both can be monitored via headphones. It is particularly suited to the world of reality and documentary production but is useful in any situation where walkie-talkies must be monitored as well as production audio.


  • No need to block one ear with an uncomfortable surveillance tube, compromising the sound of your headphones in that ear. Both ears are open so you hear normally and "in stereo". And if you use in-ear moniors, you don't have to improvise to try to get the surveillance tube AND your in-ear monitor in the same ear.
  • It can be used with any input source from professional mixer/recorder or camera to IFB receiver, ipod or ipad.
  • Use your own headphones, IEMs or earbuds.
  • Your hear the walkie-talkie equally in both ears.
  • No surveillance tube clog up, but the transducer and tube are included for those times you don't want to wear headphones, such as lunch time.
  • Stereo-mono switch: in STEREO mode, normal stereo monitoring of production audio with the comm feeding both channels. In MONO mode, the stereo input is mixed to mono and fed only to a single mone earpiece. Additionally, the "ring" of the headphone jack is lifted so a mono earpiece will not short out the right channel feed.
  • Completely passive signal chain—no power needed.

Item comes with 1x surveillance set with detachable transducer and surveillance tube, and 1x mini-to-mini jumper for mixer/camera out to Comm-Biner input.