Soundcart Explorer Soudcart

The Explorer Sound Cart is Soundcart's mid-sized model and was developed in response to demand for a self-assembly cart (don’t worry a comprehensive guide with step-by-step instructions is provided).
- Hand Built
- Foldable
- Aluminium Frame
- Height Adjustable Handle
- Front Caster Wheels & Field Tested

£0.00 (incl. VAT £0.00)

Customisation was a core design feature of the Explorer Sound Cart. The shelf heights are easily adjusted as are the position of the handles, boom holder and spigot riser. Accessories can also be mounted in multiple locations on the cart to suit your workflow.

While many owners of the Explorer Sound Cart may use similar or even identical equipment, it can be configured in an almost endless number of ways thus enabling you to make your cart as individual as you are.

The Explorer Sound Cart enjoys a selection of model of specific accessories for non-factory installation. These include a sliding shelf, 1u/2u/3u 19” rack rails as well as additional mounting bars and long/short shelves.

A wide range of optional universal accessories are also available to customise your cart further including headphone holder, script holder, mounting points and the all important cup holder.