Zaxcom ZFR300

£925.00 (incl. VAT £1,110.00)

The Zaxcom ZFR300 is the same size as Zaxcom TRXLA3 wireless transmitter and can accept standard lavaliere microphones. A stereo ZFR can accept two lavaliere microphones, or two unbalanced microphone inputs.

The ZFR can be used as an easy way to record ISO tracks on multiple talent with no fears of being out of range or having to deal with RF issues.

On power up the ZFR will jam time code via the ZaxNet 2.4Ghz signal and will then start transmitting QC audio with time code within 10 seconds. The built-in ZaxNet transmitter is used for quality control monitoring and can be used as a timecode master to wirelessly jam other recording body pack recorders or recording wireless transmitters. The body packs can optionally re-jam time code every few minutes to maintain sub-frame accurate time code lock. At the end of your shoot you gather each SD memory card from the ZFR and deliver them to post.

Post production can then easily drop each ISO track into their non-linear edit system and have a clean timecoded audio track to work with.

Recording systems can be as simple as a single ZFR recorder and a single ERX3TCD receiver to wirelessly monitor the audio and time code from the recorder. Any number of ZFR recorders and wireless transmitters can be utilized to form an unlimited virtual multi-track recording system. The advantage of this system is that for production sound it eliminates the limitations of wireless microphones.

  • Internal Recording records timecoded audio files.
  • MARF highly reliable lossless recording format.
  • Neverclip gives you an incredible dynamic range without clipping your audio.
  • Timecode built-in timecode reader and generator.