Zoom F6 Multi Track Field Recorder


- The Zoom F6 field recorder features 32-bit float recording.
- Dual A/D Converters.
- Provides an unprecedented amount of dynamic range.
- 6 inputs.
- Solid time code.
- Multiple power options and wireless control.

£457.50 (incl. VAT £549.00)

The F6 features modern 32-bit float recording technology. This allows you to capture a range of different sources accurately, regardless of how loud or soft they are. Using this technology along with dual A/D converters makes the F6 ideal for the busy film set. It allows you to record explosive or subtle sounds at full audio quality without touching the gain knob.

The F6 is equipped with six professional-grade preamps which feature an ultra-low noise floor. Great for capturing those quiet sounds. The noise floor sits at -127 dBu EIN, and has a high gain of up to 75 dB. On top of this, you also get selectable mic/line levels for each input. This makes the F6 an incredibly powerful location sound device.

Record anywhere

Thanks to its incredibly rugged design, the F6 can be used to record anywhere. It is a very compact unit and this adds to its resilience to the elements. It's great for recording audio regardless of location. Easy to carry because of its size, and safe to use in most places. You'll always want to bring the F6 in your kit bag

Always in time, always sounding great

Always be in sync with the rest of the crew. The precision time code is accurate up to 0.2ppm so you will never be out of time with the team. Ideal for those hectic recording sessions or for film work where accuracy is key.

Never miss a beat with the incredible Zoom AutoMix tool. This allows you to constantly monitor the action in front of the camera as it automatically adjusts the sound of your mix to match the ambient sound around you. Giving you tighter audio files - making the guys who work in post your best mates

iOS wireless control

Using the F6 is extremely easy thanks to the F6 F control App for iOS devices. With this bespoke app, you can monitor signals, adjust levels, trigger transport controls, enter metadata and more. All from your iOS device. Just hook your phone up and use the touch screen to control a range of parameters.


  • 6-channel/14-track field audio recorder/mixer
  • 6 discrete inputs with locking Neutrik XLR connectors
  • High-quality mic preamps with up to 75 dB gain and less than -127 dBu EIN
  • Switchable +4dB inputs with mic/line options
  • Advanced Look-Ahead Hybrid Limiters
  • Zoom AutoMix™ software
  • Accurate Time Code (0.2 ppm when on and when powered off) I/O on 3.5mm stereo mini; dropframe/non-drop formats with Jam Sync
  • Three different power supply options: 4x AA batteries, Sony L-Series batteries, or Zoom AD-17 12V AC Adapter (L-Series batteries not included)
  • 3.5mm stereo mini unbalanced output jack
  • Dedicated headphone output (100 mW) with volume control SD/SDHC/SDXC card slot, up to 512 GB
  • Use as a 6-in/4-out USB audio interface (up to 96kHz)
  • Use as an audio interface and record to SD card simultaneously (up to 48kHz)
  • Free Zoom F Control App for iOS allows wireless remote control, file renaming, and metadata entry



  • Display: 1.54" full-color LCD (240 × 240)
  • Recording Media: SD cards, SDHC cards, SDXC cards (that conform to standards)


  • Inputs 1–6: Connectors XLR jack (pin 2 hot)
  • Input (mic):
    • Input gain +12 dB - +75 dB
    • Input impedance 3 kΩ or more
    • Maximum input level +4 dBu
  • Input (line):
    • Input gain −8 dB - +55 dB
    • Input impedance 5 kΩ or more
    • Maximum input level +24 dBu
  • Phantom power: +24/+48V 10mA maximum for each channel
  • Equivalent input noise: −127 dBu or less (A-weighted, +75 dB input gain, 150 Ω input)


  • Line output:
    • Connectors 3.5 mm stereo mini unbalanced output
    • Output impedance 100 Ω or less
    • Reference output level –10 dBV, 1 kHz, 10 kΩ load
    • Maximum output level +10 dBV, 1 kHz, 10 kΩ load
    • D/A dynamic range 95 dB typ (−60dBFS input, A-weighted)
  • Headphone output:
    • Connector 3.5 mm stereo mini unbalanced output
    • Output impedance 15 Ω or less
    • Maximum output level 100 mW + 100 mW (32Ω load)
    • D/A dynamic range 108 dB typ (−60dBFS input, A-weighted)

Recording Formats


  • Supported formats:
    • 44.1/47.952/48/48.048/88.2/96/192 kHz, 16/24-bit/32-bit float, mono/stereo/2-8ch poly, BWF/iXML
  • Maximum simultaneous recording tracks:
    • 14 (6 inputs x 2 (Linear and Floating) + LR mix)
    • 6 (6 inputs (Linear or Floating) at Float(32bit) Mode, 192 kHz)


  • Supported formats: 128/192/320 kbps, 44.1/48 kHz, ID3v1 tags
  • Maximum simultaneous recording tracks: 2
  • Recording time using a 32 GB card:
    • 30:46:00 (48 kHz/24-bit stereo WAV)
    • 7:41:00 (192 kHz/24-bit stereo WAV)


  • Connectors: 3.5 mm stereo mini (Tip: IN, Ring: OUT)
  • Modes: Off, Int Free Run, Int Record Run, Int RTC Run, Ext, Ext Auto Rec (audio clock can be synchronized to timecode)
  • Frame rates: 23.976 ND, 24 ND, 25 ND, 29.97 ND, 29.97 D, 30 ND, 30 D
  • Precision: ±0.2 ppm
  • Allowed input level: 0.2 – 5.0 Vpp
  • Allowed input impedance: 4.6 kΩ
  • Output level:3.3 Vpp
  • Output impedance: 50 Ω or less