Ambient TC-I/O Timecode 5-Pin Lemo to 5-Pin Lemo Unidirectional


£62.50 (incl. VAT £75.00)

  • Ambient TC-I/O (TC-IO) Timecode In/Out Cable - Lemo to Lemo. The TC I/O Unidirectional Power Cable for Clockit Time Code Generators from Ambient Recording is an In / Out cable used to connect Clockit time code generators, such as the ACL 203, to cameras or audio recorders with a 5-pin Lemo socket. Compatible cameras include the ARRI, SI-2K, Aaton, RED-One, Cinedeck and PS-Mag 16D SR-III. Compatible audio recorders include Sound Devices, Zaxcom, Aaton, Aeta and, of course, the Clockit time code product line. The cable is a blue Lemo Series 0B-5-pin to Lemo Series 0B-5-pin connector approximately 20" (50.8 cm) in length.