Zaxcom are the market leading company in developing digital recording and digital radio mic equipment.
Everything Audio has been appointed the sole UK distributor for Zaxcom, proudly providing top quality technical support and product knowledge from the expert himself, Roger Patel.

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  • 16 digital inputs that can be used either with or without the internal receivers
  • You can use either 16 x external AES digital inputs (8 pairs)
  • or 8 x external AES digital inputs (4 pair)
  • and the 8 x internal AES inputs via the built-in receiver slots
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  • Attaches directly to Nova or Nova 2
  • It has 7 fader controls for any analog or digital input
  • Traditional faders with smooth movement and end stops
  • Provides a total of 12 hardware controls to be utilised at the same time
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  • Featuring a now longer battery life and NeverClip™ in all modes
  • Ability to power all mics from a 5V lavalier to a 48V phantom powered mic
  • Also Introducing a brand new ultra-low noise preamp to boot.
  • Incredibly small, lightweight and packed with features
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  • Made from tough nylon polymer and rubber materials for ultimate durability
  • Supports two lavalier microphones in stereo mode or a single lavalier in mono mode
  • Encrypted audio is transmitted using 100% digital modulation
  • Transmitted audio can be simultaneously recorded internally to a microSD card
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  • Hot swappable module receiver for Nova, RX-4, RX-8, RX-12 and RX-12R.
  • Digital dropout protection, digital modulation, encrypted audio
  • Intermodulation resistant, ZHD modulation
  • High Q tunable tracking front end filter to combat interference and range
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  • Block specific ENG receiver with QIFB, a built-in 2.4GHz ZaxNet IFB transmitter
  • Built-in filtering & enhanced design gives maximum sensitivity & a low noise floor
  • Built-in highly accurate timecode reader and generator
  • Provides ZaxNet audio and remote control between Zaxcom products
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  • Aria is a mixing panel for the Nova and Nomad recorder/mixers
  • There are two different versions, the Aria-8 and Aria-4
  • The Aria-8 works on it’s own as a standalone 8-fader panel
  • or you can expand it to either 12 or 16 faders on the fly with the Aria-4
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  • Zaxcom ERX rubber knobs for the ERX potentiometer
  • Available as a set of 8 colours, all except black
  • And separately, black white, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple
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  • The FDP2 is an RF filter that is used in receiver and transmitter applications
  • The filter is factory tuned to a frequency between 512MHz and 692MHz
  • Eliminates transmitter RF noise outside the 35MHz window
  • Signals 17.5 MHz above and below the receiver frequency can pass through
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  • 100% digital modulation for superior audio quality
  • Encrypted Audio keeps transmitted audio private
  • All new digital modulation provides significantly enhanced distance & range
  • A single QRX200 can receive audio from two separate transmitters
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  • The TRX743/745’s cones are easily swapped in the field for ultimate flexibility
  • It comes with one cone of choice as standard
  • Cone choices: Mono Analog – 3-Pin XLR, Stereo Analog – 5-Pin XLR
  • AES (not powered) – 3-Pin XLR, AES42 (powered) – 3-Pin XLR
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  • MRX214 is a hot swappable module receiver
  • Designed for use in the Nova mixer / recorder, RX-12 and RX-12R
  • Digital dropout protection & digital modulation
  • Encrypted audio, intermodulation resistant, ZHD modulation
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Zaxcom developed the world's first portable hard disk recorder and then later invented digital radio microphones which had onboard recording with timecode. This opened up opportunities to capture production sound where it had previously proved impossible. Over the years an entire range of complementary products have been developed to build a product line that has features and capabilities that are still unique to Zaxcom.