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  • Can be used to mount lavalier microphones directly to the skin
  • Strong silk-like fabric backing provides support and resists stretching
  • Hypoallergenic and latex free making it ideal for use on skin
  • Very high adhesive strength allows for use on challenging applications
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  • Water resistant, transparent, porous, latex-free and hypoallergenic
  • Easy, straight, bi-directional tear for ultimate flexibility
  • Good adhesion to skin and tubing or cables
  • Allows user to tailor the tape width and length for various devices
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Scapa 3101 2'' Cloth Gaffer Tape (50mm x 50m) - 1 Roll
  • The semi-matt anti reflective finish makes it ideal for filmset and camera work
  • Useful for labelling boxes, quick fixes, colours to differentiate between units
  • A high tensile strength of 78.5N/cm and thickness of 0.3mm
  • Product measures a width of 2" (50mm) and a length of 50m
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Toupee Tape Transparent Tape Roll / Strips
  • Specially developed for wigs and toupees, but also works for other applications
  • This double sided, non-toxic, surgical quality tape is easily removed
  • The tape material is kind to your skin
  • 3 variations are available, please see options
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Scapa 3101 1'' Camera Tape (25mm x 50m) - 1 Roll
  • Matt - no-glare / non-reflective surface with low adhesive residue
  • Flexible and highly conformable with easy unwind properties
  • Available in Black, White, Red, Blue and Yellow
  • 1" (25mm) wide and 50m long
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  • Made of very soft and stretchy Moleskin with a hypoallergenic adhesive on one side
  • Can be used as a quick solution to prevent rustling noise
  • Quickly mount a lavalier mic to the skin, clothing, or any other surface
  • Also perfect for concealing the mic. The adhesive doesn't leave any marks
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  • 1" Paper masking tape available in White
  • Ideal for labelling and identification of equipment
  • Can be used for masking / decorating. Useful in the art department
  • These rolls are 1" wide (25.4mm) and 50m long. Price is for one (1) roll
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  • Unique soft moleskin with a thin double iron wire inside
  • Helps to create more room between the lav and fabric
  • Available in Black, White and a Multipack of Black & White
  • The Viviana moleSkin EXTREME is completely Made in Italy.
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  • Speciality grade, photographic black masking tape
  • Opaque black matte surface that ensures light-free masking
  • Versatile, reliable and considered to be the photographer's masking tape
  • Very high adhesion, light-free masking, highly conformable
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  • 3M Branded heavy-duty 'Velcro' Sold in 1 metre lengths
  • Fast assembly with no drilling required
  • Up to 12 times stronger than normal velcro systems
  • Useful for attaching pieces of kit to the side of cameras or monitors etc.
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  • Gorilla Tape® Black is extra strong, double-thick and incredibly tough
  • Tough, weather-resistant shell helping to create a barrier
  • Strong, reinforced backing but can still be ripped neatly by hand
  • Double thick adhesive, can be used on rough, uneven surfaces for extra grip
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  • Latex free and hypoallergenic for sensitive skin
  • Highly breathable to maintain skin integrity
  • Holds well on damp skin for secure placement
  • Reliably secures dressings and devices to skin
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