NP1 Batteries

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  • Designed as a convenient alternative to a battery box
  • Accepts up to 6 NP1 batteries, providing 12V regulated outputs
  • Distributed via four 4-Pin XLRs and four Hirose sockets (switched in pairs)
  • Up to a massive 588 Watts of available power with all 6 NP1 slots filled
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  • Unique Lithium-Ion stubby NP1 Battery.
  • Measures approximately half the height of an industry standard NP1 battery
  • Providing sound recordists with a lightweight, space-saving solution
  • While maintaining plenty of capacity at a whopping 50Wh
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  • A Large capacity NP1 battery offering 98 Watts of power
  • Fantastic for today's sound-recordists
  • Allows data communication to equipment where data pins are available
  • For example: NPD-8S w/ NPD1, Sound Devices 8-Series with NPD-TA4 or NPD1
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