Timecode Slates

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  • Back slate sensor: flips the tc display when the slate is turned upside down.
  • Light sensor: automatically adjusts the LED brightness when activated.
  • Rugged, interchangeable polycarbonate board
  • Includes Ambient ACN-LB
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  • RF transmission of time code and device status information
  • Factory GPS based calibration of TCXO with better than 0,1ppm accuracy result
  • Automatic power ON function after active time code detection
  • Backlight of writing area of the slate
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  • The World’s First Bluetooth Smart Slate
  • Up to 250ft Range via the Bluetooth Timecode Slate App, Sidus Audio
  • Built-In Handle for One-Hand Operation
  • +25hrs of Battery Life at 100% Brightness Dot Matrix & Backlight
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  • Aaton serial communication via 5 pin Lemo connector.
  • Electro-Luminescent (EL) backlit face plate.
  • Lightweight – under 900g (2 lbs) with batteries.
  • 1/3 smaller than the TS-3 Full sized slate / clapboard
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