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Tentacle Sync C24 Tentacle to Micro USB for Sony FX3/FX30 Cable
  • Feed timecode into your Sony FX3 or FX30 camera
  • From your Tentacle Sync SYNC E, TRACK E, or original timecode unit
  • Compatibile with Tentacle Sync ORIGINAL / SYNC E / TRACK E
  • Length approximately 25 cm
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Custom Tentacle Sync Timecode Cables
  • High quality custom timecode cables
  • Made with high quality cable and connectors
  • Individually designed for most cameras and recorders
  • Can be made to order as soon as same day, per request
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Ambient LTC-OUT Lockit Timecode Out Cable BNC to L5P-BNC
  • Output cable for the Ambient Lockit family
  • This is a tool for syncing audio recorders on-the-go
  • 5-pin Lemo connector to BNC 90° and is 15.75" (40 cm) long
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  • Deity C12 is a right angle locking 3.5mm TRS to right angle 3.5mm TRS cable
  • Designed for use with mirrorless or DSLR cameras
  • Compatible with: Deity TC-1, Deity D2RX
  • Sennheiser G4 EW100, EW500 and many more!
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  • Compatible with the TC-1 timecode box and will work with most cameras' TC input
  • Suitable for devices such as: Blackmagic Ursa Mini, Canon C70, C300mkii, C300mkiii, C500
  • JVC Broadcast Cameras, Panasonic Broadcast Cameras, Sony Broadcast Cameras
  • Zaxcom Nova, Nova2, Z CAM E2 A0401, Zoom F4, F8, F8n, F8n Pro
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Sound Devices AC-BALXLR-4 Balanced 3-Pin XLR-F to 3-Pin Lemo Cable for A10 / A20
  • Balanced 3-Pin XLR Female to 3-Pin Lemo cable
  • Designed to be used with the Audio Ltd radio mic systems
  • Includes a pre-installed A-Filter which reduces RF interference by ~40db
  • Added strain relief compared to the AC-BALXLR-2
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  • The Lockit+ stores key Cooke /i lens metadata frame-accurately
  • At the same time it makes the data accessible live via WiFi or Ethernet
  • Designed for use with the Lockit+
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  • Data transfer USB cable for the Ambient Tiny Lockit.
  • Connector 1: Standard USB-A
  • Connector 2: 5-Pin Lemo 0B
  • Length: Approx 100cm
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Ambient LTC-IN Timecode-In Cable BNC-RA to 5-Pin Lemo
  • Timecode input cable with BNC Right Angled plug to 5-Pin Lemo
  • BNC right angle to 5-pin Lemo
  • Length: Approx. 40 cm
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Ambient LTC-OUT/EPIC Timecode Output Cable 5-Pin Lemo 0B to 4-Pin Lemo 00
  • Ambient LTC-OUT/EPIC Timecode Output Cable
  • Lockit Timecode output cable to Red Epic / Scarlet
  • Features a Lemo Series 0B 5-pin to Lemo Series 00 4-pin
  • Length: Approx 40cm
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Ambient SYNC-OUT ACN-CL Lockit Sync Output Cable 5-Pin Lemo to BNC 90 Degrees
  • ACN-CL Lockit sync output cable for Genlock / Wordclock
  • 5-Pin Lemo with Yellow Mark to BNC 90° Male
  • Cable is approximately 40cm
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Ambient TC-I/O Timecode 5-Pin Lemo to 5-Pin Lemo Unidirectional
  • The timecode signal unidirectional, flows one way only
  • 5-pin Lemo to 5-pin Lemo
  • Length: Approx. 60 cm
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