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  • The OR-81B Features a "Bladder" design as a weighing-down solution
  • Ships empty, ready to fill w/ weighted material
  • Fits into the OR-81 Sand bag / Water bag as an easier alternative
  • Recommended to be bought in multiples of two
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  • Designed for professional boom pole use, with any 3/8” threaded boom pole
  • Intuitive and incredibly easy attachment and release mechanism
  • Single handed, positive locking operation – just press in and ‘click’ to connect
  • Light weight (only 53g, Connector + Tip combined), small and durable
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  • Material: Waterproofed fabric
  • Vision Panel: 1.77 x 1.77" (45 x 45 mm)
  • Height: 9.44" (240 mm)
  • Width: 5.51" (140 mm)
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  • Makes for the smallest and lightest plug-on in the industry
  • Weighing only 12 grams without the cable
  • It is compatible with Zaxcom ZMT3-Phantom, ZMT3-Phantom2 & ZMT4
  • Made with Nylon 12 material for stronger and lighter performance
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  • Water / sand bag for weighing-down stands etc on set
  • Made from durable material with extra reinforced binding straps
  • Saddlebag design, OR-81 can handle two bladders (OR-81B)
  • Features dual layers of hook and loop fasteners to avoid any sand leakage
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Panamic Replacement Rubber End Bungs for Panamic Boom Poles
  • Panamic boom poles are designed so that all components can be replaced
  • These replacement rubber bungs are designed for different types of poles
  • Each pole has a specific compatible rubber bung
  • We have made a handy compatibility chart to help you find the right one for you
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  • Tough corrosion resistant Titanium Tips
  • Approximately 1/3 of the weight of an equivalent Stainless Steel Tip
  • Available as the entire complete tip
  • Also available as separate replacement parts
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  • Extra 3/8" threaded tip for the Ambient QRT Quicklock
  • Provides a snap-on / snap-off microphone assembly mounting onto boom poles
  • Joined in a twist-lock motion for easy connection and release
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  • Can be fitted into the Boom-Buddy in seconds without the need to re-rig
  • Lightweight all-in-one design
  • Any lighting stand or mic stand with a 16mm spigot can be used
  • Easy to use. Non-slip clutch system
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  • Easily attaches to bags, belts, pockets and straps
  • Holds on to various gear with its velcro arms and metal swivel belt clip
  • Makes for a great boom pole holder
  • Can also turn into a headphone or cable holder
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  • A solution for fixed position Microphone recording
  • Allowing for hands free Boompole mounting
  • For use with C-stands and Microphone stands
  • Designed to fit most boom poles comfortably
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  • Neat, lightweight, and simple adapter
  • Integrates the PCS-Boom into existing Rycote windshield kits
  • A direct-mount quick release adapter
  • Equipped with a 360° adjustable XLR holder
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