Lockit+ Modular Timecode & Sync Generator

NEW Ambient Lockit+

Discover the Ambient Lockit Modular Timecode Sync Generator at Everything Audio. This cutting-edge device offers ultra-precise timecode generation, compatibility with various frame rates and sync formats, and modular expandability for seamless integration. With an intuitive interface, ensure reliable synchronisation across devices in the studio or on-location. Elevate your audio production with this top-tier timecode sync generator, available now!

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  • A new flagship! A highly accurate Timecode and Sync Generator
  • Modular Hardware designed to be operated from the sound cart / sound bag
  • WiFi Access for advanced control and monitoring
  • Frequency Scanning. Metadata Hub between cameras and LockitScript App
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  • Unlock the full potential of the Lockit+ with the ACN-RF Antenna
  • Plug the antenna into a USB port of the Lockit+ to perform a full frequency scan
  • In the web interface you get concrete suggestions for available frequencies
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  • The Lockit+ stores key Cooke /i lens metadata frame-accurately
  • At the same time it makes the data accessible live via WiFi or Ethernet
  • Designed for use with the Lockit+
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