Atomos AtomX UltraSync One Timecode Genlock & Word Clock

£288.00 (£240.00 Exc. VAT)
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Atomos AtomX UltraSync One Timecode Genlock & Word Clock
Atomos AtomX UltraSync One Timecode Genlock & Word Clock
Atomos AtomX UltraSync One Timecode Genlock & Word Clock
Atomos AtomX UltraSync One Timecode Genlock & Word Clock
Atomos AtomX UltraSync One Timecode Genlock & Word Clock

Atomos AtomX UltraSync One Timecode Genlock & Word Clock

£288.00 (£240.00 Exc. VAT)
Backorder Available
Contact us for lead time
Brand: AtomosModel: AO-ATOMXSYON1-ROW
Key Features:
  • Super compact, lightweight & flexible RF-powered timecode
  • Completely accurate synchronisation with a range of up to 200m
  • A whopping 25 hours of battery life from a single charge
  • Miniature size, measuring only 5.5 x 4.4 x 1.7 cm!
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What's In The Box:

1 x UltraSync One
1 x USB C Charging Lead
1 x Mini COAX to RA BNC (Blue) for LTC
1 x Mini COAX to RA BNC (Red) for Genlock

Atomos AtomX UltraSync One Timecode Genlock & Word Clock

Super compact. Lightweight. The flexibility to configure as a transmitter timecode server or as a receiver client device. The battery life allows a run time to easily last the longest shooting day. Integrating the most features to enable advanced timecode and sync options for multicamera workflows. UltraSync ONE is the smallest and most cost-effective, RF-powered wireless timecode and genlock/wordclock solution on the market.


  • Transmits frame-accurate time code wirelessly
  • All sync-modes included: time code, genlock and word clock
  • Generates master timecodes or can be configured as a time slave
  • Can connect to BLINK Hub for remote monitoring and control via :pulse or :wave
  • FPS: 23.98, 24.00, 25.00, 30.0D, 30.00, 29.97D, 29.97
  • Frequency: 865.050 to 923.200 MHz
  • Range: RF range of 200 m
  • Battery Life: 20-40 Hours battery life
  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 4.4 x 1.7 cm
  • Weight: 40 g

Full Sync Power - Miniaturized

The UltraSync ONE is small in size, but rich in features: highly accurate, wireless timecode, genlock and word clock all in one product. Configure UltraSync ONE as a timecode transmitter or receiver. Set the transmitter to generate timecode internally, or to follow external timecode. You can even use the SYNC port for a second LTC, genlock or word clock output. Or alternatively jam to house timecode or an OB truck. The UltraSync ONE can provide timecode to any device with an LTC input, and can also record mic level audio timecode onto a spare audio track for those that don’t.

Long Range Reliability

The uncongested sub GHz RF network guarantees completely accurate synchronisation with a range of up to 200m. Outside of that, receiving devices will free-run reliability, until they are back within range of the transmitting unit. This two-way RF communication not only makes UltraSync ONE a highly reliable timecode solution, it also opens up the added ability to monitor and control units using the Timecode Systems’ BLINK Hub app when in timecode receive mode to a transmitting Timecode Systems’ :pulse or Atomos AtomX SYNC module with Ninja V.

The Power of 25 Hour Battery Life

With 25 hours battery life from a single charge – that’s with RF, genlock and the OLED display all running at full capacity – the UltraSync ONE is guaranteed to last a full shooting day. And even with all this extra power, it’s still unbelievably small and light.

A Smarter Solution

UltraSync ONE brings new levels of portability, versatility and ease of use to wireless timecode synchronisation, with compact proportions, a 128 x 32 high resolution OLED display, professional locking miniature DIN connectors for timecode IN/OUT and Genlock OUT, a USB C Connector for firmware updates and battery charging, and concealed internal diversity antennas all built in.

Simple Setup. Multiple Applications.

Whether you’re working in a multicamera environment with timecode and genlock, need a solution for your VR rig or are using DSLRs, UltraSync ONE can adapt to fit your workflow – it’s the most versatile solution available. The RF network allows for complete workflow flexibility, with no restrictions on what combination of products are used – sync multiple UltraSync ONE units with each other or combine them into a wider timecode network using other Timecode Systems products. The Atomos AtomX SYNC module works on the same RF network, allowing you to bring wireless timecode sync to Ninja Vs, alongside other cameras and sound recorders on set.



Dimensions 55mm × 44mm × 17mm (width × height × depth)
OLED Display Blue 128 × 32 Pixels
Timecode Generator Accuracy TCX0 0.5ppm when free running.
In practice, approximately 1 frame drift in 24 hours.
Zero ppm when RF locked to a master.
Supported FPS Modes 23.98
30.0D (drop frame)
29.97D (drop frame)
External Power USB-C (5V DC)
Internal Power Built-in Li-Polymer (3.7V battery 800mAh 2.96Wh).
The battery cannot be replaced by users.
Expected Battery Life At least 24 hours when all features are in use.
Charging Time 3 hours
LTC Input/Output DIN 1.0/2.3 connector.
Input or output, depending on the mode selected.
SYNC Output DIN 1.0/2.3 connector.
Can be set to output either Genlock, word clock, or timecode (LTC).
Multi Channel Digital Transceiver 865.050MHz to 923.200MHz
Antenna Internal antennas with diversity reception capability.
Range* The typical range for synchronisation with a master is approximately 200m (256 feet, 219 yards).
This range is based on an uninterrupted line of sight.
If there are obstacles between a slave and master, the range can be reduced

*Typical range. The range can vary. 

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