Lavalier Mic Adapters

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  • DPA's ingenious adapter system is one of a kind in the industry
  • Designed to protect your investment in fantastic sound for years to come
  • These adapters give you flexible, simple and affordable possibilities
  • Available for Lectrosonics, Sennheiser, Shure, Sony, Wisycom, Zaxcom and many more.
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  • A small widget that allows hardwired use of lavalier mics
  • Converts Phantom 48 V to 5.6 V electret power
  • Outputs the signal electronically balanced with low impedance
  • A variety of connectors are available to fit the most popular radio mics
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DPA CM1618B00 1.8m MicroDot Extension Cable - 1.6mm Diameter
  • Miniature microphone cable with a MicroDot connector
  • Cable length is 1.8 m (5.9 ft)
  • Available Options: 1.6mm diameter cable or 2.2mm diameter cable
  • Available in black
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Sound Guys Solutions Lavalier Adapters for LuckyMic TA / LavBullet TA
  • Three adapters are available for the Mic Drop to suit your lavs!
  • TA/Lemo - Mini XLR to Lemo Adapter (Locking and push-pull connectors)
  • TA-LecMM - TA/Mini XLR to Lectrosonics WM/MM Adapter
  • TA/3.5mm - Locking Stereo Mini Jack Adapter (Works with Sennheiser & Audio Ltd)
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  • An excellent wiring solution
  • Designed to be a less intrusive way to wire talent
  • Simply attach your desired adapter, plug in your lavalier
  • and drop it down t-shirts or loose clothing to get the job done faster
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  • Designed to connect 3-pin LEMO lavalier mics to a 3.5mm mic input
  • For the TRACK E Timecode Audio Recorder from Tentacle Sync
  • Connector 1: 1x 3-Pin LEMO, Connector 2: 1x 3.5mm Mini Jack
  • Cable Length: 14 cm (End-to-End Length), Weight: 12 g
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Featured Microphones

  • Records Infrasonic to Ultrasonic Sound
  • Waterproof Up to 100 Meters
  • Works with +48V Phantom Power
  • Omni Directional Polar Pattern
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  • Small and lightweight sleek shotgun for distant miking
  • Highly directional supercardioid polar pattern
  • Excellent RF immunity with uniform off-axis response
  • Highly immune to humidity
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  • Overcomes digital transmitter RFI
  • Water resistant with a durable design
  • Great clear and rich Sound, optimized for the human voice
  • Improved moisture resistance
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  • Offers the characteristics of a CMIT in more compact form
  • Phantom Powering with P12 and P48
  • Low current draw
  • Fixed 4th order low-cut filter at 70 Hz
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  • High rejection of lateral sounds
  • Exceptionally low inherent self-noise
  • Transformerless and fully floating balanced output
  • Symmetrical transducer technology ensures extremely low distortion
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