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New Sound Devices Firmware to support the A20-RX SpectraBand Technology

Thursday, 21 July 2022  |  Mike

8-Series v8.91, A20-Mini v6.00, and SD-Utility 2.91 are available now! All firmwares include support for the new A20-RX and SpectraBand 470-1525 MHz Tuning Technology, as well as performance enhancements.

8-Series Firmware v8.91 - Released: July 20, 2022


  • SuperSlot support for the Sound Devices A20-RX. 
  • New SL-2 Filter options to support the frequency range of the Sound Devices A20-RX.
  • Added Current Take Notes options to * and ** Toggle Switch Actions. In stop mode, the Current Take Notes toggle switch action will edit the take notes for the last take recorded. 


  • Channels selected in the Automixer menu can now be unrouted from Bus LR or routed pre-fade to Bus LR. Automix still only affects channels routed post-fader. 


  • Distortion no longer occurs when both Dugan and limiters are active on a channel with high input levels.
  • Channels with noise suppression that are turned on after powering on the unit are no longer excluded from the LR mix.
  • Rare automixing bug where incorrect metering levels are displayed after power up, no longer occurs.
  • Green MixAssist indicator not always clearing when using CL-16/CL-12, no longer occurs.
  • LR MS Stereo HP preset no longer causes channel PFL to only be output from the left side of headphones.
  • Media that still shows as full after files are deleted no longer occurs.
  • Increased status update intervals while viewing the Audio Ltd A10-RX SuperSlot Receiver screen.
  • Added filter options for all models of Wisycom LFA smart antenna and BFA smart filter
  • SL-2/Wisycom rolling frequency errors after power-cycling a slot no longer occur.
  • SuperSlot Receiver Overview screen showing RSSI instead of Q-meter after powering up no longer occurs.

A20-Mini Firmware v6.00 - Released: July 20, 2022


  • Support for the new Sound Devices A20-RX Two-Channel, True Diversity Receiver with SpectraBand technology.  
  • Support for SpectraBand's extended frequency range of 470 – 1525 MHz. Extended ranges are supported by the Sound Devices A20-RX.

SD-Utility v2.00 - Released: December 09, 2021


  • New Combine to Poly option when exporting by Timecode Range or Conform to CSV.
  • Up to 10 seconds of pre- and post-roll can now be added to exported WAV files when using Conform to CSV. 
  • Exported WAV files now contain iXML metadata. 
  • The Source Window can now be ordered by dragging and dropping the MIC or WAV files. The order of the files in the Source Window determines the interleave order of exported polyphonic WAV files. 


  • Minor layout changes to accommodate the new features.
  • Reworded various popup error messages to provide more clarification. 


  • Improved overall stability of A10-RX firmware updating with Mac and Windows computers. 
  • SD-Utility exported RF64 WAV files no longer have the incorrect file length when imported into some Digital Audio Workstations. 
  • Minor improvements to WAV processing speed. 



ALL Information provided above is from the Sound Devices website. No files or links are hosted from the Everything Audio servers for security reasons.