Zaxcom TRX743 Plug-On Digital Wireless Transmitter

£2,694.00 (£2,245.00 Exc. VAT)
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Zaxcom TRX743 Plug-On Digital Wireless Transmitter
Zaxcom TRX743 Plug-On Digital Wireless Transmitter
Zaxcom TRX743 Plug-On Digital Wireless Transmitter
Zaxcom TRX743 Plug-On Digital Wireless Transmitter

Zaxcom TRX743 Plug-On Digital Wireless Transmitter

£2,694.00 (£2,245.00 Exc. VAT)
Mono Analogue (3-Pin XLR)
Stereo Analogue (5-Pin XLR)
AES (Non-Powered 3-Pin XLR)
AES 42 (Powered 3-Pin XLR)
3.5 (512-614 MHz)
3.6 (596-698 MHz)
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Brand: ZaxcomModel: TRX743.5 (Mono, Analogue)
Key Features:
  • A wide-band plug-on style digital wireless transmitter
  • Supports all professional microphone varieties
  • Available as mono analog, stereo analog, AES and AES42
  • An ideal choice for wireless directly from boom poles or handheld mics
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Zaxcom TRX743 Plug-On Digital Wireless Transmitter (Select Option)

The TRX743 is a wide-band plug-on style digital wireless transmitter with interchangeable cones, it’s the only plug-on transmitter that supports all professional microphone varieties – mono analog, stereo analog, AES and AES42 – making it an ideal choice for wireless transmission directly from boom poles or handheld microphones.

Its body is constructed from a combination of high strength nylon polymer and aluminum. It features Zaxcom High Density (ZHD) Modulation.


  • Digital Modulation: 100% Digital modulation for superior audio quality
  • Encrypted Audio: Keeps transmitted audio private
  • Intermodulation Resistant: Removes unwanted spurious emissions for a cleaner signal
  • Internal Backup Recording: Capture quality back-up audio even in the most hostile RF environment
  • Internal Recording: Records timecoded audio files
  • MARF: Highly reliable lossless recording format
  • Neverclip: Gives you an incredible dynamic range without clipping your audio
  • Timecode: Built-in timecode reader and generator
  • Zaxnet: Provides wireless timecode, ZaxNet audio and remote control between Zaxcom products
  • ZaxNet QC Audio: Quality control confidence monitoring without returning to your cart
  • ZHD Modulation: A 50 KHz wide signal spaced as close as 100 KHz apart with outstanding transmission distance

Microphone Connectivity

The TRX743’s cones are easily swapped in the field for ultimate flexibility. It comes standard with one cone of your choice, extra cones can be purchased seperately.

Cone choices:

  • Mono Analog – 3-Pin XLR
  • Stereo Analog – 5-Pin XLR
  • AES (not powered) – 3-Pin XLR
  • AES42 (powered) – 3-Pin XLR

Encrypted Audio

The TRX743 transmits using 100% digital modulation allowing audio to be fully encrypted. Digital encryption is the only way to keep all audio transmission private. A digital transmission also provides audio quality superior to analog systems.

QC Audio Transmission

The TRX743 also sends a Quality Control audio signal over ZaxNet™, so when micing someone you don’t have to go all the way to the cart to hear how it sounds, you can use an ERX to listen to the mic right on the spot.


NeverClip™ is a standard feature of the TRX743 and works with all mono transmission types. It works by utilizing two A-D converters to extend the dynamic range of the transmitter to 126 dB, so there’s never any limiter distortion.

Internal Recording

Audio is simultaneously transmitted and recorded to a removable microSD card using the highly reliable MARF (Mobile Audio Recording Format) which eliminates file corruption common to recordings due to a dead battery or early card removal.


TRX743 is equipped with ZaxNet™, a long-range remote-control system allowing the user to change the frequency, pre-amp gain, sleep mode, and place the internal recorder in record, playback, and stop modes – all without ever needing to disturb talent.

The units can also replay audio via a timecode reference, giving production sound mixers the ability to replay and remix audio, creating a virtual multi-track playback and re-record system.


To extend battery life, PowerRoll™ adjusts the TRX743’s power level to 100mW when the audio received from it is being recorded by a ZaxNet™ compatible recorder. When the transmitter audio isn’t being recorded the power is automatically reduced to 25mW.

Modulation Choices for your Environment

The range will always vary depending on your environment, but you’ve got choices to optimize transmission for peak performance. Zaxcom High Density modulation (ZHD) increases the number of available channels from 4 to 9 for every 1 MHz of spectrum space, perfect for reflective environments like busy city streets. XR gives you the maximum distance in less dense / more controlled spaces.


The TRX743 runs on 3 x AA battery cells, the runtime is completely dependent on battery type and the power requirements of the microphone you’re using.

TRX743 is available in the following frequency bands:

  • “.5 band” (512-608 MHz)
  • “.6 band” (578-698 MHz) (not available in the U.S.)


RF Modulation Proprietary Digital Method
TRX743.5 RF Frequency Range 512 – 614 MHz
TRX743.6 RF Frequency Range 596 – 698 MHz
RF Frequency Step 100 KHz
RF Bandwidth in ZHD Mode 50 KHz
RF Bandwidth in XR Mode 200 KHz
Channel Separation in ZHD Mode as close as 100 KHz (receiver dependent)
Channel Separation in XR Mode 400 KHz
Antenna Connector 50 Ω SMA Female
Emission Designator 180 KV2E, 100 KV2E, 50 KV2E
FCC Part 74.861
Transmitter Audio
Dynamic Range 126 dB (Stereo model 106 dB)
Distortion 0.002%
Frequency Response Mode 0
High Pass Filter Off or 30 to 220 Hz, Steps
Mic Connector 3-Pin or 5-Pin XLR
Analog Mic Power 48 V Phantom (10 mA max)
Digital Mic Power 10 V AES42 compatible (200 mA max)
Input Range -60 to -30 dBu
Mic Impedance 4.7 k Ω
ADC Bit-Depth 24 Bits
Audio Interfaces Balanced analog mono, balanced stereo, AES42, AES
Timecode Reader / Generator
Clock Accuracy 1.54 PPM (1 Frame Out in 6 Hours)
Timecode Type SMPTE
Timecode Frame-Rates 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97NDF, 29.97DF, 30NDF, 30DF
Internal Recording
Media MicroSD Card (Flash Memory)
File Format .ZAX
Recording Time  
2.4 GHz ZaxNet Receiver
RF Frequency Range 2.403 to 2.475 GHz
RF Modulation Digital Spread Spectrum
RF Frequency Step 0.001 GHz (1 MHz)
RF Bandwidth 1 MHz
Channel Separation 2 MHz
Sensitivity -96 dBm
Weight 7.5 oz with Battery
Dimensions (H x W x D) 5 cm x 11.5 cm x 4 cm
Display Graphic OLED
Power Output 25, 50 or 100 mW – Software Selectable
Battery Type 3 AA cells
Battery Life Battery Type / Mic power requirement dependent
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